Bulldog hitch lock identification

Bulldog Security hitchlocks are all British manufactured and fit a wide range of hitches and couplings on all types of trailers. All are backed by Bulldog's own 5 year guarantee, and a full range of spares is available.

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 Fits hitch

Bulldog minilock hitch lock AW  Avonride
Bulldog minilock hitch lock BR10    Bradley unbraked with rubber grip
 BR20 Bulldog hitch lock BR20 Bradley Autohead GA3500 or Bradley Autohead GA2750
Bulldog heavy duty hitch lock BRC Bradley 3500 and Avonride 12-15851
 LT  Alko box tube hitch 2x50mm box as on Jet Ski & light trailers
 LW  AlKo AK7 on 60mm box drawbar with stand
 BT Bulldog hitch lock BT  Brenderup KFT100-1040
 P6E/2  To fit Knott KQ14 on Ivor Williams P6E 2004 onwards
 P6E  To fit Knott KQ14 on Ivor Williams P6E pre 2004
 SA8  Bradley 3500
 DM  Standard Alko and Albe
 KN Knott K35, K27 and K20
Bulldog Minilock hitch lock SA9    Bradley Doublelock D5050